class LogLevel

  1. 8.0.x lib/Drush/Log/LogLevel.php LogLevel
  2. 7.x lib/Drush/Log/LogLevel.php LogLevel
  3. master lib/Drush/Log/LogLevel.php LogLevel

Additional log levels that Drush uses for historical reasons. Standard log levels should be preferred.




  • class LogLevel extends \Psr\Log\LogLevel

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class LogLevel extends \Psr\Log\LogLevel {
  // Things that happen early on.  Like 'notice'
  const BOOTSTRAP = 'bootstrap';
  const PREFLIGHT = 'preflight';

  // Notice that the user is cancelling an operation. Like 'warning'
  const CANCEL = 'cancel';

  // Various 'success' messages.  Like 'notice'
  const OK = 'ok';

  // Highly verbose messages that are not always interesting.
  // Displayed only when --debug and --verbose specified together.
  const DEBUG_NOTIFY = 'debugnotify';

  // Means the command was successful. Should appear at most once
  // per command (perhaps more if subcommands are executed, though).
  // Like 'notice'.
  const SUCCESS = 'success';

  // Batch processes. Like 'notice'
  const BATCH = 'batch';
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