namespace Drush\Boot

Classsort descending Location Description
BaseBoot lib/Drush/Boot/BaseBoot.php
Boot lib/Drush/Boot/Boot.php Defines the interface for a Boot classes. Any CMS that wishes to work with Drush should extend BaseBoot. If the CMS has a Drupal-Compatibility layer, then it should extend DrupalBoot.
DrupalBoot lib/Drush/Boot/DrupalBoot.php
DrupalBoot6 lib/Drush/Boot/DrupalBoot6.php
DrupalBoot7 lib/Drush/Boot/DrupalBoot7.php
DrupalBoot8 lib/Drush/Boot/DrupalBoot8.php
EmptyBoot lib/Drush/Boot/EmptyBoot.php This is a do-nothing 'Boot' class that is used when there is no site at --root, or when no root is specified.