class batchCase

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@file Tests the drush batch subsystem.

@group base

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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
batchCase::testBatch public function
Drush_CommandTestCase::drush function Invoke drush in via execute().
Drush_CommandTestCase::drush_major_version function
Drush_CommandTestCase::execute function Actually runs the command. Does not trap the error stream output as this need PHP 4.3+.
Drush_CommandTestCase::EXIT_ERROR constant
Drush_CommandTestCase::EXIT_SUCCESS constant
Drush_CommandTestCase::file_aliases function
Drush_TestCase::bit_bucket function Borrowed from Drush. Checks operating system and returns supported bit bucket folder.
Drush_TestCase::convert_path function Converts a Windows path (dir1\dir2\dir3) into a Unix path (dir1/dir2/dir3). Also converts a cygwin "drive emulation" path (/cygdrive/c/dir1) into a proper drive path, still with Unix slashes (c:/dir1).
Drush_TestCase::db_url function
Drush_TestCase::directory_cache function
Drush_TestCase::escapeshellarg public static function
Drush_TestCase::fetchInstallDrupal function
Drush_TestCase::getOutput function Accessor for the last output.
Drush_TestCase::getOutputAsList function Accessor for the last output.
Drush_TestCase::get_tar_executable public static function
Drush_TestCase::is_windows public static function
Drush_TestCase::log function Print a log message to the console.
Drush_TestCase::log_level function
Drush_TestCase::randomString public function Helper function to generate a random string of arbitrary length.
Drush_TestCase::setUpBeforeClass public static function Assure that each class starts with an empty sandbox directory and a clean environment -
Drush_TestCase::setUpDrupal function
Drush_TestCase::setUpFreshSandBox public static function Remove any pre-existing sandbox, then create a new one.
Drush_TestCase::tearDownAfterClass public static function Runs after all tests in a class are run. Remove sandbox directory.
Drush_TestCase::webroot function
Drush_TestCase::_escapeshellarg_windows public static function
Drush_TestCase::__construct function


tests/batchTest.php, line 11
Tests the drush batch subsystem.

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class batchCase extends Drush_CommandTestCase {

  public function testBatch() {
    $sites = $this->setUpDrupal(1, TRUE);
    $options = array(
      'root' => $this->webroot(),
      'uri' => key($sites),
      'yes' => NULL,
      'include' => dirname(__FILE__),
    $this->drush('unit-batch', array(), $options);
    // Collect log messages that begin with "!!!" (@see: _drush_unit_batch_operation())
    $parsed = parse_backend_output($this->getOutput());
    $special_log_msgs = '';
    foreach ($parsed['log'] as $key => $log) {
      if (substr($log['message'], 0, 3) == '!!!') {
        $special_log_msgs .= $log['message'];
    $this->assertEquals("!!! ArrayObject does its job.", $special_log_msgs, 'Batch messages were logged');