class commandUnitCase

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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
commandUnitCase::testCommandVersionSpecific function Assure that matching version-specific command files are loaded and others are ignored.
commandUnitCase::testGetCommands public function
Drush_TestCase::bit_bucket function Borrowed from Drush. Checks operating system and returns supported bit bucket folder.
Drush_TestCase::convert_path function Converts a Windows path (dir1\dir2\dir3) into a Unix path (dir1/dir2/dir3). Also converts a cygwin "drive emulation" path (/cygdrive/c/dir1) into a proper drive path, still with Unix slashes (c:/dir1).
Drush_TestCase::db_url function
Drush_TestCase::directory_cache function
Drush_TestCase::escapeshellarg public static function
Drush_TestCase::fetchInstallDrupal function
Drush_TestCase::getOutput function Accessor for the last output.
Drush_TestCase::getOutputAsList function Accessor for the last output.
Drush_TestCase::get_tar_executable public static function
Drush_TestCase::is_windows public static function
Drush_TestCase::log function Print a log message to the console.
Drush_TestCase::log_level function
Drush_TestCase::randomString public function Helper function to generate a random string of arbitrary length.
Drush_TestCase::setUpDrupal function
Drush_TestCase::setUpFreshSandBox public static function Remove any pre-existing sandbox, then create a new one.
Drush_TestCase::webroot function
Drush_TestCase::_escapeshellarg_windows public static function
Drush_TestCase::__construct function
Drush_UnitTestCase::drush_major_version function
Drush_UnitTestCase::setUpBeforeClass public static function Minimally bootstrap drush Overrides Drush_TestCase::setUpBeforeClass
Drush_UnitTestCase::tearDownAfterClass public static function Runs after all tests in a class are run. Remove sandbox directory. Overrides Drush_TestCase::tearDownAfterClass


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class commandUnitCase extends Drush_UnitTestCase {
   * Assure that matching version-specific command files are loaded and others are ignored.
  function testCommandVersionSpecific() {
    $path = UNISH_SANDBOX . '/commandUnitCase';
    $major = $this->drush_major_version();
    $major_plus1 = $major + 1;

    // Write matched and unmatched files to the system search path.
    $files = array(
      $path . "/$major.drush$",
      $path . "/drush$major/drush$",
      $path . "/$major_plus1.drush$",
      $path . "/drush$major_plus1/drush$",
    mkdir($path . '/drush' . $major);
    mkdir($path . '/drush' . $major_plus1);
    foreach ($files as $file) {
      $contents = <<<EOD
// Written by Unish. This file is safe to delete.
\$GLOBALS['unish_foo'][] = '$file';
      $return = file_put_contents($file, $contents);
    drush_set_context('DRUSH_INCLUDE', array($path));
    $loaded = drush_commandfile_list();
    $this->assertTrue(in_array($files[0], $loaded), 'Loaded a version-specific command file.');
    $this->assertTrue(in_array($files[1], $loaded), 'Loaded a version-specific command directory.');
    $this->assertFalse(in_array($files[2], $loaded), 'Did not load a mismatched version-specific command file.');
    $this->assertFalse(in_array($files[3], $loaded), 'Did not load a a mismatched version-specific command directory.');

   * Assert that $command has interesting properties. Reference command by
   * it's alias (dl) to assure that those aliases are built as expected.
  public function testGetCommands() {
    $commands = drush_get_commands();
    $command = $commands['dl'];

    $this->assertEquals('dl', current($command['aliases']));
    $this->assertArrayHasKey('version_control', $command['engines']);
    $this->assertArrayHasKey('package_handler', $command['engines']);
    $this->assertArrayHasKey('release_info', $command['engines']);
    $this->assertEquals('pm-download', $command['command']);
    $this->assertEquals('pm', $command['commandfile']);
    $this->assertEquals('drush_command', $command['callback']);
    $this->assertArrayHasKey('examples', $command['sections']);

    $command = $commands['pm-download'];
    $this->assertArrayNotHasKey('is_alias', $command);