function ConfigCase::testConfigExportImport

8.0.x configTest.php ConfigCase::testConfigExportImport()
7.x configTest.php ConfigCase::testConfigExportImport()
master configTest.php ConfigCase::testConfigExportImport()


tests/configTest.php, line 46




Tests for Configuration Management commands for D8+. @group commands @group config


function testConfigExportImport() {
  $options = $this->options();
  // Get path to sync dir.
  $this->drush('core-status', array('config-sync'), $options + array('format' => 'json'));
  $sync = $this->webroot() . '/' . $this->getOutputFromJSON('config-sync');
  $system_site_yml = $sync . '/';
  $core_extension_yml = $sync . '/core.extension.yml';

  // Test export
  $this->drush('config-export', array(), $options);

  // Test import by finishing the round trip.
  $contents = file_get_contents($system_site_yml);
  $contents = preg_replace('/front: .*/', 'front: unish', $contents);
  $contents = file_put_contents($system_site_yml, $contents);
  $this->drush('config-import', array(), $options);
  $this->drush('config-get', array('', 'page'), $options + array('format' => 'json'));
  $page = $this->getOutputFromJSON('');
  $this->assertContains('unish', $page->front, 'Config was successfully imported.');

  // Similar, but this time via --partial option.
  $contents = file_get_contents($system_site_yml);
  $contents = preg_replace('/front: .*/', 'front: unish partial', $contents);
  $partial_path = UNISH_SANDBOX . '/partial';
  $contents = file_put_contents($partial_path . '/', $contents);
  $this->drush('config-import', array(), $options + array('partial' => NULL, 'source' => $partial_path));
  $this->drush('config-get', array('', 'page'), $options + array('format' => 'json'));
  $page = $this->getOutputFromJSON('');
  $this->assertContains('unish partial', $page->front, '--partial was successfully imported.');

  $this->drush('pm-enable', array('tracker'), $options);
  $ignored_modules = array('skip-modules' => 'tracker');

  // Run config-export again - note that 'tracker' is enabled, but we
  // are going to ignore it on write, so no changes should be written
  // to core.extension when it is exported.
  $this->drush('config-export', array(), $options + $ignored_modules);
  $contents = file_get_contents($core_extension_yml);
  $this->assertNotContains('tracker', $contents);

  // Run config-import again, but ignore 'tracker' when importing.
  // It is not presently in the exported configuration, because we enabled
  // it after export.  If we imported again without adding 'tracker' with
  // 'skip-modules' option, then it would be disabled.
  $this->drush('config-import', array(), $options + $ignored_modules);
  $this->drush('config-get', array('core.extension', 'module'), $options + array('format' => 'yaml'));
  $modules = $this->getOutput();
  $this->assertContains('tracker', $modules, 'Tracker module appears in extension list after import, as it should.');

  // Run config-export one final time.  'tracker' is still enabled, even
  // though it was ignored in the previous import/export operations.
  // When we remove the skip-modules option, then 'tracker' will
  // be exported.
  $this->drush('config-export', array(), $options);
  $contents = file_get_contents($core_extension_yml);
  $this->assertContains('tracker', $contents);