public static function Drush_TestCase::is_windows

6.x public static Drush_TestCase::is_windows()
4.x public static Drush_TestCase::is_windows()
5.x public static Drush_TestCase::is_windows()
14 calls to Drush_TestCase::is_windows()
completeCase::testComplete in tests/completeTest.php
coreCase::testStandaloneScript in tests/coreTest.php
Test standalone php-script scripts. Assure that script args and options work.
drushScriptCase::testPhpOptionsTest in tests/drushScriptTest.php
Test `PHP_OPTIONS=... drush`
Drush_TestCase::bit_bucket in tests/
Borrowed from Drush. Checks operating system and returns supported bit bucket folder.
Drush_TestCase::escapeshellarg in tests/

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tests/, line 91
Initialize a sandboxed environment. Starts with call unish_init() at bottom.




public static function is_windows() {
  return (strtoupper(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3)) == "WIN");