class fieldCase

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Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
Drush_TestCase::create_node_types_php function
Drush_TestCase::drush function Invoke drush in via execute().
Drush_TestCase::drush_major_version function
Drush_TestCase::escapeshellarg public static function
Drush_TestCase::execute function Actually runs the command. Does not trap the error stream output as this need PHP 4.3+.
Drush_TestCase::EXIT_ERROR constant
Drush_TestCase::EXIT_SUCCESS constant
Drush_TestCase::file_aliases function
Drush_TestCase::file_delete_recursive function Same code as drush_delete_dir().
Drush_TestCase::getOutput function Accessor for the last output.
Drush_TestCase::getOutputAsList function Accessor for the last output.
Drush_TestCase::is_windows public static function
Drush_TestCase::setUpBeforeClass public static function Assure that each class starts with an empty sandbox directory and a clean environment -
Drush_TestCase::setUpDrupal function
Drush_TestCase::tearDownAfterClass public static function Runs after each test case. Remove sandbox directory.
Drush_TestCase::_escapeshellarg_windows public static function
Drush_TestCase::__construct function
fieldCase::testField public function
fieldCase::verifyInstance function


tests/fieldTest.php, line 7

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class fieldCase extends Drush_TestCase {

  public function testField() {
    $this->setUpDrupal('dev', TRUE);
    $options = array(
      'yes' => NULL,
      'root' => $this->sites['dev']['root'],
      'uri' => 'dev',
    // Create two field instances on article content type.
    $this->drush('field-create', array('user', 'city,text,text_textfield', 'subtitle,text,text_textfield'), $options + array('entity_type' => 'user'));
    $output = $this->getOutput();
    list($city, $subtitle) = explode(' ', $output);
    $url = parse_url($subtitle);
    $this->assertEquals('/admin/config/people/accounts/fields/subtitle', $url['path']);

    // Assure that the second field instance was created correctly (subtitle).
    $this->verifyInstance('subtitle', $options);

    // Assure that field update URL looks correct.
    $this->drush('field-update', array('subtitle'), $options);
    $output = $this->getOutput();
    $url = parse_url($this->getOutput());
    $this->assertEquals('/admin/config/people/accounts/fields/subtitle', $url['path']);

    // Assure that field-clone actually clones.
    $this->drush('field-clone', array('subtitle', 'subtitlecloned'), $options);
    $this->verifyInstance('subtitlecloned', $options);

    // Assure that delete works.
    $this->drush('field-delete', array('subtitlecloned'), $options);
    $this->verifyInstance('subtitlecloned', $options, FALSE);

  function verifyInstance($name, $options, $expected = TRUE) {
    $this->drush('field-info', array('fields'), $options + array('pipe' => NULL));
    $output = $this->getOutputAsList();
    $found = FALSE;
    foreach ($output as $row) {
      $columns = explode(',', $row);
      if ($columns[0] == $name) {
        $this->assertEquals('text', $columns[1], $name . ' field is of type=text.');
        $this->assertEquals('user', $columns[2], $name . ' field was added to user bundle.');
        $found = TRUE;
    if ($expected) {
      $this->assertTrue($found, $name . ' field was created.');
    else {
      $this->assertFalse($found, $name . ' field was not present.');