class pmDownloadCase

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pm-download testing


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
Drush_TestCase::create_node_types_php function
Drush_TestCase::drush function Invoke drush in via execute().
Drush_TestCase::drush_major_version function
Drush_TestCase::escapeshellarg public static function
Drush_TestCase::execute function Actually runs the command. Does not trap the error stream output as this need PHP 4.3+.
Drush_TestCase::EXIT_ERROR constant
Drush_TestCase::EXIT_SUCCESS constant
Drush_TestCase::file_aliases function
Drush_TestCase::file_delete_recursive function Same code as drush_delete_dir().
Drush_TestCase::getOutput function Accessor for the last output.
Drush_TestCase::getOutputAsList function Accessor for the last output.
Drush_TestCase::is_windows public static function
Drush_TestCase::setUpBeforeClass public static function Assure that each class starts with an empty sandbox directory and a clean environment -
Drush_TestCase::setUpDrupal function
Drush_TestCase::tearDownAfterClass public static function Runs after each test case. Remove sandbox directory.
Drush_TestCase::_escapeshellarg_windows public static function
Drush_TestCase::__construct function
pmDownloadCase::testDestination public function
pmDownloadCase::testPackageHandler public function
pmDownloadCase::testPmDownload public function
pmDownloadCase::testSelect public function


tests/pmDownloadTest.php, line 6

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class pmDownloadCase extends Drush_TestCase {
  public function testPmDownload() {
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel'), array('cache' => NULL, 'skip' => NULL)); // No FirePHP
    $this->assertFileExists(UNISH_SANDBOX . '/devel/README.txt');

  // @todo Test pure drush commandfile projects. They get special destination.
  public function testDestination() {
    // Setup two Drupal sites. Skip install for speed.
    $this->setUpDrupal('dev', FALSE);
    $uri = 'dev';
    $root = $this->sites['dev']['root'];

    // Common options for the invocations below.
    $devel_options = array(
      'cache' => NULL,
      'skip' => NULL, // No FirePHP
      'invoke' => NULL, // Invoke from script: do not verify options

    // Default to sites/all.
    $options = array(
      'root' => $root,
      'uri' => $uri,
    ) + $devel_options;
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel'), $options);
    $this->assertFileExists($root . '/sites/all/modules/devel/README.txt');

    //  --use-site-dir
    // Expand above $options.
    $options += array('use-site-dir' => NULL);
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel'), $options);

    // If we are in site specific dir, then download belongs there.
    $path_stage = "$root/sites/$uri";
    // gets created by --use-site-dir above,
    // mkdir("$path_stage/modules");
    $options = $devel_options;
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel'), $options, NULL, $path_stage);
    $this->assertFileExists($path_stage . '/modules/devel/README.txt');

    // --destination with absolute path.
    $destination = UNISH_SANDBOX . '/test-destination1';
    $options = array(
      'destination' => $destination,
    ) + $devel_options;
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel'), $options);
    $this->assertFileExists($destination . '/devel/README.txt');

    // --destination with a relative path.
    $destination = 'test-destination2';
    mkdir(UNISH_SANDBOX . '/' . $destination);
    $options = array(
      'destination' => $destination,
    ) + $devel_options;
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel'), $options);
    $this->assertFileExists(UNISH_SANDBOX . '/' . $destination . '/devel/README.txt');

  public function testSelect() {
    $options = array(
      'cache' => NULL,
      'no' => NULL,
      'select' => NULL,
    // --select. Specify 6.x since that has so many releases.
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel-6.x'), $options);
    $items = $this->getOutputAsList();
    $output = $this->getOutput();

    // The maximums below are higher then they usually appear since --verbose can add one.
    $this->assertLessThanOrEqual(8, count($items), '--select offerred no more than 3 options.');
    $this->assertContains('dev', $output, 'Dev release was shown by --select.');

    // --select --all. Specify 6.x since that has so many releases.
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel-6.x'), $options + array('all' => NULL));
    $items = $this->getOutputAsList();
    $output = $this->getOutput();
    $this->assertGreaterThanOrEqual(20, count($items), '--select --all offerred at least 16 options.');
    $this->assertContains('6.x-1.5', $output, 'Assure that --all lists very old releases.');

    // --select --dev. Specify 6.x since that has so many releases.
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel-6.x'), $options + array('dev' => NULL));
    $items = $this->getOutputAsList();
    $output = $this->getOutput();
    $this->assertLessThanOrEqual(6, count($items), '--select --dev expected to offer only one option.');
    $this->assertContains('6.x-1.x-dev', $output, 'Assure that --dev lists the only dev release.');

  public function testPackageHandler() {
    $options = array(
      'cache' => NULL,
      'package-handler' => 'git_drupalorg',
      'yes' => NULL,
    $this->drush('pm-download', array('devel'), $options);
    $this->assertFileExists(UNISH_SANDBOX . '/devel/README.txt');
    $this->assertFileExists(UNISH_SANDBOX . '/devel/.git');